DW-BI Services

In the current scenario of the business world, the competition is never too far. Enterprises are forced to make critical business decisions within extremely short timeframes encompassing volumes of data. Given these constraints, Business Intelligence is the answer to the enterprise needs of providing decision support. With tremendous ease of access to the business insight provided by these solutions, power users can now pinpoint their strategies to explore a whole new range of business possibilities.

‘CrowdHealth’ solutions in Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence are based on a holistic approach for quick and precise implementation of such projects. ‘CrowdHealth’ innovative and tested approach helps our customers to derive the maximum out of the information wealth of the organization, to help them stay ahead of the competition.”

Data warehousing/Business Intelligence projects pose unique analysis, architect, design, and management challenges. Traditional application development methodologies are primarily geared towards developing transaction oriented systems and not analytical ones. CrowdHealth Process Model results from delivering working solutions to several of our satisfied customers, in analytical systems. It is both unique and adaptable, thus delivering benefits quickly to the users. We have also developed a global delivery model for these projects, which encompasses the on-site and off-shore teams working in tandem to deliver a cost effective solutions to our global clients.

Our Offerings:

  • BI Consulting Data warehousing design and development
  • DW/BI Implementation Services
  • DW/BI Support & Maintenance Services
  • Specialized Services
  1. Data Mining
  2. CRM Data Warehouse
  3. Corporate Information Factory