Contact Center

Different customers are assigned different levels of priority based on size, behavior, business potential, etc. Prioritizing each segment of customer is paramount to businesses because it highly correlates with future business, customer retention and brand loyalty. Businesses therefore desire to support customers on this principle offering the highest quality of service to the customers that qualify its criteria. However, in the real-world that is simply impossible and economically in-feasible to identify and serve such customers who have Omni-channel preferences and as businesses scale up unless they are aided with the right tools..

Contact Center Technologies come to the rescue of customers here. They are on course to usher in customer experience (CX) revolution and transform Customer Engagement models to deliver a True Omni-channel experience across multiple touch-points, channels and interactions taking a 360 degree view of customers.

CrowdHealth offers the customer experience revolution in the contact center space around the product portfolio of leading global technology vendors such as Aspect, Genesys, Avaya besides other players.

The capabilities span across:


  • Aspect UIP, Call-Center ACD, Spectrum
  • Aspect Voice Portal for IVR (using M3 Scripting)
  • Aspect Advance List Management (ALM)
  • Aspect Work Force Management (eWFM)
  • Aspect Quality Management ( AQM)
  • Aspect Real Time Reporting (RTR)
  • Aspect Performance Management
  • Aspect L1 and L2 Support services
  • Third party integration


  • Genesys Composer, NDF, Genesys CME, SCI, Ccpulse, Genesys Softphone, Genesys Test phone, Nuance Scan Soft Voice Framework, IVR to ACD call routing, WDE customization, Genesys voice platform, Genesys ORS Development(SCXML based Routing), chat, email and Voice.
  • Custom tools like Wavomgar, RTA, eWFM, Monsterboard, Order Admin, IWD, Opus
  • Configuration Manager, Solution Control Interface, Interaction Routing Designer CCPulse+, Softphone, Testphone etc.
  • Computer Technology Integration (CTI), Universal Routing Server (URS), IRD (GUI), T-Server, SIP Server, StreamManager, MCP, Stat Server.
  • Custom Agent desktop application development.
  • Hammer Call Master for Load/Stress Testing of IVR applications.
  • L1 and L2 Support Services


  • Avaya, Focus Telecom, NICE, Voxeo, Nortel etc…