Software Localization

Develop an efficient manner to localize their patented solution for call centers.

CrowdHealth India Pvt Ltd. is a successful company with a unique patented solution, which allows call centers to significantly reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction. Expanding into international markets is a key element of their growth strategy. Thus, they needed a process to quickly localize their software.

Instead of jumping into the translation of the source files, the source code was streamlined.

Knowing that the software might need to be changed in the future to accommodate other languages, the overall structure was streamlined, (often referred to as “internationalization” or i18n). This means there’s a single code base, which will support all target markets. Changes did not need to be made in all various language versions. They were made in a single place, and seamlessly inherited by all locales. Likewise, testing did not need to be duplicated, which saved a significant amount of time.